Co-author Geological maps 

Marine Geological Advice can assist and support the production of geological mapping of the sea bed and sub-seabed in all kinds of environments

Cees Laban of Marine Geological Advice has a long term experience in sea bed mapping. During his carrier at the Geological Survey of The Netherlands and TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, he has been responsible for the geological mapping of the Dutch sector of the North Sea. During many years mapping took place in close cooperation with the British Geological Survey for sheets crossing the median line. Initially the mapping programme focussed on reconnaissance mapping of the entire Dutch sector at a scale of 250.000. Three maps per sheet have been produced:

  • Sea bed sediments and Holocene Geology
  • Quaternary Geology
  • Solid Geology

All maps are based on the lithology from boreholes, grabs and cores, and seismostratigraphic information. The maps present the lithostratigraphy and have been constructed for a wide range of end-users.

In addition to this map series the production of more detailed maps started in the coastal zone at scale of 1:100.000. These maps are more applied and present the lithology of the upper meters of the sea bed, and a large number of side maps showing different units which can be distinguished.
With the knowledge collected Marine Geological Advice can play a role, and advise in the production of sea bed sediment maps, and all kinds of thematic maps. Support can be given by the production of GIS maps.